Who doesn’t like a fit body? A fit body is a piece of fit mind. We believe fitness means a lot. When I dreamed to get a fit body, I had a lot of barriers to overcome. Some of the barriers are unavailability of facility and faculty to make my dream possible. Other is quality of training I received, which matters many things. Even though these all barriers was there, I focused to overcome everything. I joined a GYM to transform me.

Years passed, I worked hard to reach my destiny. Now I am fit, healthy and confident. I planned to share the ability to the coming youngsters and people around me , and my ever dream came become true. I started our first fully fledged modern gym in Kerala.

Now we could reach some more heights, because we focus on the quality we provide. We have three branches in Kerala. All locations are facilitated with most modern equipments and professional trainers.

This is Anil Raj, director of Tigergym. I just narrated a story of our beginning.

We are dedicated to give proper training to our trainees, because there is not short cuts to a healthy life.We train to have a fit body for a healthy life. We train if you need monster muscles, we train if you need to become fat or slim. We designed many training sections according to the need of our trainees. We wish all a health body and pleasant life.

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